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1994 Peter Michael Les Pavots Red Bordeaux Blend 3000ml


The superb 1994 Les Pavots is, to my palate, the finest example of this wine Peter Michael has yet made. Since its bottling, this deep, saturated purple-colored wine has taken on a gorgeous nose of cassis intermixed with violets, licorice, and attractive spicy oak. Sweet, rich, and surprisingly showy for a Les Pavots, this medium to full-bodied wine possesses a...

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1995 Sine Qua Non Red Handed Syrah/Grenache 750ml


One of the first of Manfred Krankl's cult red wines - this is fully mature and very rare. A beautiful wine! From the release letter from Manfred Krankl "Red Handed is inspired by the fact that it is a blend, something we "concocted" if you will, and we hope we'll be caught "Red Handed", a blend of 43% Grenache, 40%...

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1995 Sine Qua Non The Bride (nicked label) 750ml


This is the first white wine made under the Sine Qua Non brand and is ultra-rare. Please note nicks to the front and back label. (scroll for more pictures) From Sine Qua Non's original release letter in January of 1997: "The Bride" "It is a roughly equal blend of Chardonnay and Roussanne. Both were grown by our friend John Alban...

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1996 Sine Qua Non Omadhaun & Poltroon White Blend Set of 3 bottles 2250ml


This beautiful 1996 Sine Qua Non white wine is a blend of Roussanne and Chardonnay; this very rare set includes a bottle of each of the 3 different labels. This is a blockbuster wine that tingles every taste bud as you drink it. One of Vino Vegas' favorite ever SQN white wines that's still drinking beautifully 25 years later! From the...

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1998 Sine Qua Non E Raised Syrah Central Coast California 1500ml


95-98 from Robert Parker! Easily one of our Top 5 Sine Qua Non Reds! Stunning! In very rare magnum format! The 1998 Syrah E-Raised is great stuff. The blended Syrah comes from different vineyard sources, primarily the Alban Vineyard in San Luis Obispo, and Bien Nacido and Stolpman Vineyards in Santa Barbara. These wines are always amusingly named (Black and...

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1998 Sine Qua Non El Corazon Rose 375ml


Ultra-rare SQN Rose

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1998 Sine Qua Non The Antagonists Grenache 750ml


This was a surprising effort (93% Grenache, 5% Syrah and 2% Viognier) from a challenging vintage throughout California. The dramatically higher percentage of Grenache has given it a mature Chateauneuf du Pape personality. Loads of kirsch liqueur, pepper, lavender and spice box are all present in this elegant yet complex, extremely perfumed, medium to full-bodied wine. The bouquet of this...

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1999 Araujo Estate Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 3000ml


The 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon Eisele Vineyard (a 1,750-case blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc, 5% Petit Verdot, and 3% Merlot) boasts explosive aromas of incense, creme de cassis, minerals, and flowers. It is medium to full-bodied, with great harmony, and a sweet attack as well as finish. This is a classic example of power and richness allied to...

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1999 Jacques Prieur Montrachet Grand Cru Cote D'or France 3000ml


This beautiful Montrachet is presented in extremely rare double-magnum format. Perfect for a party! The outstanding 1999 Montrachet reveals toasty pears, apple, and minerals in its nuanced aromas. Medium-bodied and complex, this is a rich, deep, dense, and intense wine. Plump waves of white fruits, spices (including cinnamon and nutmeg), as well as honey-coated minerals can be found throughout this...

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1999 Sine Qua Non Ox Pinot Noir 1500ml


Magnum 86 out of 134 produced. Incredibly rare magnum of this beautiful Sine Qua Non Pinot Noir! Medium red. Aromas of red fruits, bonfire, black cardamom, clove and smoky oak. Silky, lush and moderately sweet, with a distinct minerality firming the red fruit flavors and giving the wine a tangy quality. Finishes with substantial dusty, fine tannins and late notes...

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2000 Sine Qua Non In Flagrante Syrah Central Coast California 1500ml


96 Points from Robert Parker! In very rare magnum format! "The 2000 In Flagrante (a 725-case blend of 86% Syrah, 10% Grenache, and 4% Viognier) is a world-class, provocative effort. It reveals many of the same aromatic and flavor components found in the 2001 Midnight Oil and 2002 Syrah-dominated, unnamed offering. A black color is followed by a seamless effort...

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2000 Sine Qua Non Incognito Grenache 1500ml


In most SQN Collectors' Top 5 Reds from Manfred - this is stunning, even more so in very rare magnum format!​ RP100 This remains an historic wine and probably the greatest Grenache (95% Grenache and 5% Syrah) made in California up to this timeline. We were lucky enough to have this from a magnum at the vertical tasting, although I have...

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2000 Sine Qua Non Suey Roussanne TBA OWC Set of 2x375ml 750ml


100 Points Robert Parker! "The 2000 Suey TBA, made from 100% botrytis-Roussanne from the Alban Vineyard, was harvested berry by berry, spent 38.5 months in new oak, and at harvest, had residual sugar of nearly unheard of number. At bottling, there were 241 grams of sugar per liter and the finished alcohol was 12.5%. This looks to be the...

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2000 Sine Qua Non The Boot White Blend 3x Magnum OWC 4500ml


This ultra-rare OWC set of 3 Magnums of 2000 The Boot White Blend is numbered 106 out of a limited edition of 119. Blend of 52% Chardonnay, 24% Roussanne and 24% Viognier. The What the Good Girl got. "The Boot was originally called THE GOOD GIRL OF 2000 and it was going to be the counter, or companion wine...

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2000 Sine Qua Non The Hussy 1500ml


In very rare magnum bottle, the 100% Roussanne that emerged from both the Stolpman and Alban Vineyards, is the 2000 Hussy. Its light gold color is accompanied by fabulously decadent levels of fruit, luxurious glycerin, and a dry, full-bodied, amazingly well-delineated finish. This is a sumptuous, dry white that is among the most creative produced in California.

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